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Carpet Sale in Frederick, Maryland

Ready to add new life and color into your home? Carpet flooring is the way to go! Fitzgerald Home Furnishings offers carpet flooring for sale from 10 different name brands that you love and trust. This means always finding the perfect color, fabric, weave, pattern, and thickness that you deserve in your home.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring for Sale for Your Home

So, you’re curious about carpet. Carpet flooring has a lot of benefits and can be the right way to improve the comfort and quality of your home. New carpet flooring is warm, comfortable, and even safer.

Carpet flooring is safe because it grips the bottom of the foot, making slips and falls less likely. In the event of a fall, carpet flooring cushions the landing and is less likely to cause injuries. Aside from the safety aspects of carpet, it’s also gaining in popularity because new carpet flooring for sale is more stain-resistant than carpet from years ago — more comfort and less maintenance. 

New Carpet Flooring for Sale in Frederick, MD is the Way To Go

Browse the brands we sell online and give us a call when you find the carpet flooring of your dreams! We will help you purchase new carpet flooring and get carpet installation squared away through our vendors. Let the comfort and warmth begin!