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Fitzgerald Home Furnishings Has a Wide Selection of Recliner Furniture for Sale in Frederick, Marryland

Let’s be upfront about it: nothing beats a nap on a recliner sofa. The TV is on, the window is open, maybe a book is at your side, and this is the perfect place for you to catch some quick Z’s. 

At Fitzgerald Home Furnishings, we offer only the most comfortable recliner chairs and sofas for sale in Frederick, MD. From a Mega Motion recliner chair to a Palliser Furniture sofa, we have a wide variety of Bassett furniture recliner to fit any home’s interior decorating.

What Features Should You Look for When Buying a Recliner Sofa For Sale in Maryland?

Selecting a recliner sofa for your home is an exciting process. You’ll finally have a seat to call all your own and it’ll become your go-to spot in the house whenever you’re ready to unwind. So what should you look for in a recliner sofa for sale?

We like to say comfort, function, and style. Will this be comfortable to read in, nap in, and take in a long movie? Do you need to consider a cup holder or any other aspect? And what style are you looking for to complement your home?

At Fitzgerald Home Furnishings, we carry a wide variety of recliner sofas and recliner chairs for sale so you can always find the perfect match. Stop on it to our showroom and test a few out or call us today to place an order for a model you found online.

Recliner FAQ

The best recliner for sale is the recliner that fits your specific needs. Different recliner brands offer different recliner designs and styles. Some people are looking for lift chairs, others want massagers or seat warmers.

We offer recliners from Leather Italia, Steve Silver, Parker House, Mega Motion, and more so that you can find the best recliner for your needs and your budget. Talk to our design team about the right recliner for you and they’ll show you the best matches available to order.

The best brand for a recliner sofa falls between Bassett Furniture and Best Home Furnishings. This is because these recliner brands offer recliner sofas for sale at affordable price points that don’t sacrifice quality or luxury. You can also choose between different styles, colors, and accessory add-ons to get the right recliner sofa for your home and needs.

Check out all of our recliner brands for sale and shop both Bassett Furniture and Best Home Furnishings today; give us a call when you are ready to order or visit our showroom floor to test them out. 

Depending on the material, your recliner should last anywhere from 7 to 15 years on average. A recliner that you use daily will see a lifespan of 6 – 8 years on average, more if it is a leather recliner. Recliners that are used sparingly, placed in spare bedrooms, or as decorative pieces can last longer to the 15-year mark.

To get the most out of your recliner purchase, consider the material, the quality of the brand, and how often you will use it. Our recliners in Frederick run the range of price points so you can invest in the right recliner for your home.

Leather recliners are the most durable recliners on the market. While fabric recliners sell because of their comfort or softness, they are noticeably less durable for long-term or daily use.

If you plan on using your recliner daily, a leather recliner is the smart investment to get the most lifespan out of it. Leather recliners can also be good if you have a large family, pets, or are hard on your furniture.

At Fitzgerald Home Furnishings, we help you select the right recliner for your needs. We can show you our selection of recliners on the showroom floor and we also explore order-only options that fit your budget and needs.

Our staff is the perfect team to help you pinpoint what exactly you need from your new furniture and how to get it at the most cost-effective price point. Don’t shop alone, get expert input on durability, reliability, lifespan, comfort, and more.

Recliners are actually a highly beneficial furniture piece that most people underestimate. Recliners have continued to grow in popularity due to not only their relaxation properties but their health and comfort benefits.

Recliners offer heat therapy, massage features, evenly distributed weight, an increase in blood flow, and a way to ease aches or soreness. The right recliner for sale can help heal the body with appropriate relaxation uses.

Recliners are a type of chair style or design, whereas La-Z-Boy is a brand of recliner available for purchase. While La-Z-Boys put recliners on the map, other recliner brands have overtaken the competition with comparable designs, materials, and accessories.

Talk to us today about what type of recliner you are looking for and we will find the right recliner match.