Top 5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Home Office Furniture

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Home Office Furniture

Having a home office allows you complete freedom over the decoration and ambiance of the space. Whether you have a dedicated room in your home or are working out of a converted corner space, the best home office furniture makes any space feel comfortable, motivational, and wholly yours.

If you’re wondering how to select the right home office furniture not just for comfort but for productivity and space optimization, we have you covered. As a lasting furniture store in Frederick, MD for years, we’ve become experts at home space management.

Check out our top 5 tips for selecting the best home office furniture for you.

Measure Your Space for Your Home Office Furniture

Before you can start shopping for home office furniture, you need to know the space which you have to fill. 

Exact dimensions of corners, window heights, doorways, and more is critical to selecting the right desk size, furniture arrangement, shelving, lamps, and more. Corner desks or L desks can be great for optimizing space but don’t do well if they are crowding door frames or closet doors.

Take into consideration where your lights will be positioned, if you’ll be near a window, if window dressings are required, and more. Knowing the exact layout and size of your space optimizes your purchases for a perfect fit and flow.

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Decide if Your Home Office Will Be Shared Space

Not everyone is lucky enough – or even wants – a dedicated solitude home working space. Some people thrive off a shared home office, either in the living room or as a mutual office.

Consider if you’ll be sharing your home office with kids, your family, a spouse, roommate, or will keep it completely yours. If you’re opting for shared space, determine what the other person(s) in the home will use the space for.

If you like working around your kids, plan to have some smaller desks and well-lit areas where they can work on their creative projects and homework alongside you. Think about if you want a converting desk space where you and your spouse can switch out computers at a moment’s notice.

Just because a space is shared, it does not limit your choices or even restrict them – we can show you at our home office furniture in Frederick how to maximize space without spending more to get the most function out of your home office furniture.

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Set a Home Office Furniture Budget

Now that you know the space you are filling and the function of the room, you can set a budget. Our best tip for a home office furniture budget is to be realistic about your needs, costs, wants, and timeline. 

Research some of your favorite home office furniture brands to see what current market prices are – and shipping times. Think about what will provide you with the longest quality, best productivity, and most comfort.

It’s not worth skimping on home office furniture to get it fast or to reduce your budget – something that lasts 10 years and is better quality is worth the investment now rather than later.

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Find the Balance of Comfort and Ergonomics

Is a converting desk important to you? What about space for ergonomic keyboards or a mouse? Do you want a chair that is comfortable or that provides lasting support for 10+ hour days? 

Knowing your home working habits is critical to selecting the right home office furniture. You want to ensure proper posture throughout your work day without sacrificing comfort. Find and select the home office furniture that encourages proper alignment but still is inviting, comforting, and inspires you to work.

Not sure what home office furniture is the best for ergonomics and will match your home decor? Talk to our interior designers by visiting our home office furniture store in Frederick today to talk to a dedicated team member who will help you plan your perfect home office with ease.

Determine a Home Office Style or Theme

Ambiance is everything for creating a space that is wholly yours. Decide if you want something dark, warm, outdoor-inspired, modern, rustic, beach-themed, or otherwise. 

You have the freedom to coordinate colors, art, wood grain, finishing touches, desk fixtures, lamps, and more. Spruce up the space with bookshelves for work items and knick-knacks. Coordinate shapes across the board to create something quirky or modern and sleek.

Even a broad theme helps you stick to a color palette, shape design, wood style, and more, which goes a long way to welcoming you each morning – or night – you sit down at your desk.

Tip: popular home office themes are often beach, garden, dark, warm, and modern. Mix and match or come into our home office furniture store in Frederick today and let us know what you are imagining.

Ready To Shop for Home Office Furniture in Maryland Today?

The best way to buy your home office furniture is to go shopping in person at a local furniture store near you in Maryland. 

While browsing home office furniture online can give you an idea of what styles you may like, nothing compensates for viewing pieces in person and assessing the height, comfort, and function.

It isn’t worth the risk to buy online if you don’t know what you want, so reach out to Fitz Way Home in Frederick for home office furniture today. We’ll show you the most popular, in-demand styles, help you make your needs fit in your budget, and get pieces ordered today. Let’s begin!